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Accelerate Your Clinic with Advanced Cosmetic Courses  

The demand for high-quality cosmetic treatments continues to rise. Attracting new and returning clients is essential for any clinic, but besides excellent patient care and safe aesthetic training, how else can you stand out from the competition? One way to achieve this is by expanding your clinic offerings giving your clients access to advanced, effective treatments.

Our training Academy, Skin Suites, provides a range of courses from foundation to advanced level to help any aesthetic practitioner build confidence and gain the skills needed to succeed. Explore our advanced courses in our list below. 

Hands-On Advanced Cosmetic Courses at LPG Clinics Wholesale 

Multi Vitamin Injections Course

By expanding your cosmetic treatments from skincare to wellness, you will rise above competition and cater to more unique needs. In our Multi Vitamin Injections course, you will learn how to administer vitamins B12, C, D and Biotin. Vitamin B12 makes red blood cells, nerves, DNA and protein, while vitamin C is a booster for our immune system.

Vitamin D injections can assist with chronic health conditions, gut problems and those with depleted vitamin levels. Alongside this, you will learn the theory and practical aspects of Biotin injections, known for managing your body’s healthy blood sugar level. You will learn from the best in your hands-on session and gain a CPD accreditation. 

Please note that this course is only suitable for those with an NVQ in beauty or equivalent or six months of skin invasive treatment experience

Advanced Lip Masterclass Course 

Want to offer more advanced dermal filler results at your clinic? In our Advanced Lip Masterclass course, you will gain practical, hands-on experience in a classroom and clinical environment about lip filler techniques. You will discover how to enhance top and bottom lips, create definition and provide volume in hard-to-reach areas with lip filler

Our advanced lip filler course is designed to expand your current knowledge of dermal fillers. As such, you must have a foundation-level qualification in this area, such as our Foundation Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers course

Advanced Anti Wrinkle Course

In our Advanced Anti Wrinkle course, our nurse practitioner will teach you specialist skills in performing botox injections to advanced areas of your face. You will gain practical knowledge working with live models and discover crucial theories covering the anatomy and physiology of the skin. 

Learn how to treat hyperhidrosis, neck and jawline lift, bruxism, gummy smiles and more. Only taking one day to complete, this course is ideal for those with a foundation-level qualification in anti-wrinkle injections

Microsclerotherapy Course 

Microsclerotherapy is an effective treatment for thread veins visible on the legs. In our cosmetic course, you will learn the anatomy and physiology of veins, injection techniques and pick up practical knowledge with hands-on live model experience. 

All students will need either a Level 2 NVQ in beauty, six months of experience in skin invasive treatments, e.g., microneedling or a current injectables qualification.  

Fat Dissolver Course

Our Fat Dissolver course will teach you the injection techniques and treatment locations targeted for removing stubborn fat pockets across the body. For many patients, stubborn fat pockets can be challenging to target with diet and exercise. This course will ensure you have the accurate needle techniques to dissolve fat and bring successful results every time. 

To access this course, you will need either a Level 2 NVQ in beauty, six months of experience in skin invasive treatments or an injectables qualification.  

Learn Advanced Aesthetic Skills with Expertly Qualified Trainers 

At LPG Clinics Wholesale, we proudly offer an expert-led training academy for clinics across the UK. Providing beginner to advanced cosmetic courses, let our team help upskill your clinic today. 

Contact our training team at 01484 816016 or to learn more about our advanced aesthetic training. 

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