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LPG Clinics Wholesale Coronavirus Response: Hand Sanitiser Gel KN95 Respirator Masks

With stocks cleared and the government struggling to equip the NHS with personal protective equipment, LPG Clinics Wholesale have worked tirelessly to support the war on coronavirus. Through these tireless efforts, LPG Clinics Wholesale are proud to announce new stock of 70% alcohol-based Viroguard hand sanitiser gel. Furthermore, through close coordination with partners around the world, LPG Clinics Wholesale are also now able to supply KN95 respirator masks. With social distancing measures in place for another three weeks, the threat of infection having not reached its peak and with the global pandemic still in full swing, choose LPG Clinics Wholesale for your supplies during the war on coronavirus.

Viroguard Hand Sanitiser Gel

Early on in the crisis, soap, hand wash and hand sanitiser gels were stockpiled by some, leading to empty shelves and difficulty in sourcing an adequate number of stocks. With governments worldwide advising regular hand washing, with soap and water, for a duration of twenty seconds, experts hastened to emphasise the utility of alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels. LPG Clinics Wholesale are proud to announce a new stock of Viroguard antibacterial hand sanitiser gel which is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria. In a travel size 50 ml, with a fast-acting and quick-drying formula, Viroguard hand sanitiser gel can help keep hands clean and protect your clients from coronavirus.

KN95 Respirator Masks

Equivalent to US standard N95 and European standard FFP2 respirator masks, KN95 respirator masks filter at least 95% of a range of harmful particles. These particles, measuring around 0.3 microns, include respirable dust as well as harmful bacteria and viruses. Although the UK has not explicitly advised people to wear masks, other governments have reacted differently. In Germany, face masks are recommended, while in New York, Czech Republic and Slovakia, face masks are compulsory. With LPG Clinics Wholesale’s KN95 respirator masks, you can be assured of protection.