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Lumi Eyes: The Ultimate Guide

Mesotherapy Under Eye Treatment  

If your clinic is searching for an effective product to treat dark sagging circles and fine lines around the eyes, look no further than Lumi Eyes. Lumi Eyes is an excellent tissue booster designed for mesotherapy treatments, which diminishes signs of fatigue, skin blueing and ageing after one treatment.

Lumi Eyes is an excellent non-surgical treatment loved by clinics across the UK. Read on to find out why it is a must-have for your clinic below. 

What Is Lumi Eyes?

Lumi Eyes is an injectable formulated with high-quality polynucleotides originally obtained from purified salmon milk DNA. Polynucleotide plays a crucial role in the regeneration of damaged tissues, which, as a result, effectively repairs dermal tissue damage surrounding the eyes. 

Lumi Eyes’ unique tissue-boosting properties minimise dark circles, moisturise the skin, combat fine wrinkles and provide a noticeable lifting effect beneath the eyes. This tissue booster delivers outstanding results, stimulating skin cells, collagen and elastin for denser, firmer skin. When treated, Lumi Eyes is rapidly absorbed into the skin, allowing your patients to return to normal daily activities without downtime. 

Is Lumi Eyes a Filler? 

Lumi Eyes and tear through filler work to rejuvenate the eye area but offer unique benefits that set them apart.

Tear through filler is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin. It reduces the depth of a tear through (the deep crease between the upper cheek and lower eyelid), helping to restore volume and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. 

In comparison, Lumi Eyes is a tissue stimulator that effectively regenerates damaged tissues and hydrates and smoothes the skin. As a result, it minimises skin discolouration, further brightening and repairing the skin around the eyes. 

Does Lumi Eyes Treatment Actually Work?

As an advanced tissue stimulator, Lumi Eyes stands out for its superior quality and ability to repair dermal damage using polynucleotides. This procedure is effective and painless and provides instant relief from under-eye bags, dark circles and crows feet wrinkles. 

It stimulates the skin to self-regenerate, meaning your patients will benefit from improved skin quality, hydration and reduced skin pigmentation. 

How Long Does Lumi Eyes Last?

Lumi Eyes offers intense hydration and rejuvenation after a single treatment. It has long-lasting results of six to twelve months due to its release of collagen and elastin production over time. For maximum results, clinics are recommended to offer a course of three treatments over four weeks. 

Is Lumi Eyes Safe? 

Lumi Eyes is a safe treatment trusted by practitioners worldwide. This mesotherapy product uses natural ingredients to aid tissue regeneration with little downtime and side effects.

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