Needles Vs Cannulas

Needles Vs Cannulas, The Differences, Uses, and Techniques

Needles and cannulas are both tools used to administer products under the skin. Which one to use depends on the procedure, the part of the body and the preference of the administrating professional. It is important for aestheticians to know the differences in results and techniques. They should also be comfortable using both so that they can decide on the best for their client and their desired results.

The Differences between Needles and Cannulas

A needle is a sharp, inflexible prong that punctures the skin and introduces a product underneath the client’s skin. A cannula also administers product but is flexible and wider. It does not have the ability to penetrate the skin by itself and is inserted under the skin once the initial puncture has been created by a needle.

A cannula’s flexibility allows greater manoeuvrability for the practitioner, facilitating movement under the skin to administer product to a larger area. Additionally, the blunt end of the cannula means that it cannot puncture a vein or artery, resulting in less chance of bruising and swelling. 

Treatments Suited to Needles

A needle is a precise tool, allowing an aesthetician to deliver product exactly to where it is required; this makes it more suitable for touch-ups and smaller areas such as the cupid’s bow. This level of precision and accuracy suits treatments of issues such as smokers’ lines where a deftness of touch is required. 

Treatments Suited to Cannulas 

Cannulas are often much longer than needles, can move around under the skin and deliver product to a wider area. Procedures such as fillers around the jawline and in the cheeks are better suited to cannulas as the practitioner can administer the filler to a larger area. 

Ultimately, which is better is down to the preference of the practitioner, but most agree it is best practice to be familiar with both tools so that the best decision can be made for the client.

What to Buy

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