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Jalupro (Amino Acid) 2 vials x 3ml


Jalupro Amino Acid, or Jalupro Classic, is an injectable skin booster that improves skin texture and minimises the signs of ageing. 

As a dermal bio-revitaliser, Jalupro Amino Acid deeply hydrates the skin and prolongs the effects of other anti-ageing procedures when used alongside them. 

Package contains: 

  • 2 x 100mg sterile bottles of Amino Acids
  • 2 x 30mg sterile vials containing Sodium Hyaluronate 

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 3 cm

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Buy Jalupro Classic Skin Booster Online at LPG Clinics Wholesale 

Known as a dermal bio-revitaliser, Jalupro Amino Acids (or Jalupro Classic) is a sterile, resorbable injection to improve skin texture and minimise signs of ageing. 

Jalupro contains Amino Acids (AA), Glycine, L-proline, L-leucine and L-lysine to increase fibroblast activity in our skin layers. As we age, fibroblast activity reduces due to lifestyle factors, including diet, smoking, physical activity and sun exposure. By strengthening these connective tissues, collagen levels increase, improving skin quality and health. 

Can You Use Jalupro Amino Acid with Other Treatments?

Jalupro Classic is a complementary treatment used alongside chemical peels, laser therapy, dermabrasion, radiofrequency, dermal fillers and Botox. 

Treatment Areas

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Underarms
  • Hands
  • Inner thighs
  • Abodemen 
  • Knees

Jalupro Amino Acid Benefits

  • Improves skin texture and quality;
  • Produces collagen, keeping skin hydrated and tight;
  • Restores radiance and firmness of dull skin;
  • Improves the appearance of acne scars, red stretch marks and keloid scars;
  • Prolongs results for different aesthetic procedures; and,
  • Guarantees effective results lasting up to 6 months.

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