NEWEST 2ml (Plenyhage medium) 2% (10mg) PN-HPT


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MASTELLI Manufacturer introduces NEWEST along the range (Plenyhage MED Equivalent)


Newest (2ml) is a Polynucleotide and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel, for injection in face, neck and décolletage.

This unique formulae is an excellent treatment option for acne, scarring, and more significant levels of skin damage and ageing.

Suggested application on mature and dehydrated skin

  • 10 mg/ml PN-HPT® (High Purification Technology)
  • 10mg/ml Non-cross linked hyaluronic acid
  • Mannitol
  • Available in 2ml syringe
  • With two 30G ½ needles

Studies have shown:

  • Skin elasticity improved by 39.6%,
  • Brightness was enhanced by 51.1%
  • wrinkles and rough skin reduced by 17.1%

Newest is a Mastelli patent, and an exclusive combination of polynucleotides with hyaluronic acid.

INJECTION DEPTH (intradermal)


Younger Patients: One session every 14 or 21 days for a total of 3 sessions

Advanced Skin Aging: One session every 14 or 21 days for a total of 4 sessions

*PLEASE NOTE – Plinest have updated their packaging so you may receive this version or the previous packaging in your order – both products are exactly the same*