When considering non-surgical aesthetics, the Restylane™ product range is well recognised as an industry heavyweight. Promising to restore, refresh, and enhance – and backed by decades of scientific research and robust clinical trials – the range delivers. Designed and created by trusted industry giant Galderma, Restylane™ offers an all-encompassing treatment portfolio for a wide variety of client needs.


Pioneered in late 1980’s Sweden and developed throughout the decades that followed, Restylane™ was the world’s first stabilised non-animal Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler – immediately catapulting it leagues ahead of competitors in the market. A product range was born and the portfolio has continued to expand over successive years; keeping up with client demand for excellence and retaining its firm position as industry forerunner.


Hyaluronic Acid is a tissue-supporting sugar molecule that naturally occurs within our bodies. It provides the skin with hydration and structure, both of which reduce over time as a result of the natural ageing process. The initial and enduring goal of the Restylane™ range is to effectively deliver a pure and stable gel form of HA to the skin, restoring moisture and lift where needed, to promote a youthful complexion. As such, Galderma has conducted multiple randomised clinical trials over the years, setting out to determine a number of important factors; namely the safety, efficacy, predictability, and usability of Restylane™.

Clinical trials

The results of these studies have conclusively identified Restylane as the ‘gold standard’ of HA fillers, with proven predictability and lasting effect across a wide variety of skin types. Over 2000 patients took part in a study lasting up to 36 months, which showed a GAIS (Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale) improvement in 90-100% of patients after the initial 2 weeks and that, with two successive lower volume retreatments, visible aesthetic results lasted up to 36 months in 100% of patients. All products were found to be well tolerated by a broad range of patients, with very few adverse events throughout the duration of the study.


The Restylane™ range comprises two patented complementary technologies NASHA™ and OBT™, which together utilise a variety of gel textures and particle sizes to provide a full spectrum of treatment solutions. Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA™) technology creates firm gels of higher rheology classification that can be used for volumisation and precise results, with ‘pronounced lift and targeted product integration.’ This technology works by utilising the natural connections or ‘cross-links’ of HA molecules to support product rheology and the ability to create impactful volumisation and lift. Optimal Balance Technology (OBT™) offers a softer gel texture with varying degrees of crosslinking and ‘distributed product integration’ – allowing for a smooth, even distribution in the skin and a softer, natural-looking result. For both ranges, product composition is carefully curated to be as pure as possible, minimising immunogenic reactions.

Patient needs

The broad capabilities of such an expansive portfolio allows Restylane™ to meet the many and diverse needs of patients. Galderma has categorised the products into groups indicating their primary application – ‘Restore’, ‘Enhance’, or ‘Refresh’. This allows the practitioner to develop full and holistic treatment plans for clients using solely the Restylane™ range, addressing every aspect of a client’s needs from structural restoration to feature enhancement and skin hydration.

Patient feedback

Patient satisfaction with Restylane™ based treatments is found to be high the world over, with the range available in over 80 countries and accounting for more than 30 million administered injections.

One patient was quoted as saying, ‘I can’t describe in a single word how I feel after treatment, but confident is one, it’s magical, it’s great, it’s a great product.’ Another commented, ‘I notice a real change in my facial features – my cheekbones, my chin, my lips… it’s a real confidence boost.’

Patient results

Sofia, 39 was treated using Restylane Lyft™, Restylane Defyne™, and Restylane Kysse™. She said of her treatment, ‘I look less tired, irritated, and angry. I love it.’ The areas treated were the chin, cheekbones, lips, smile lines, and marionette lines.

Practitioner feedback

Dr Selina Ahmed, a London based Advanced Aesthetic Doctor and Lead Trainer at Acquisition Aesthetics, reported – ‘Restylane™ offers a wide range of fillers, each varying in viscosity. For example, you can use Lyft™ to sculpt and contour, Volyme™ to volumise, Refyne™ to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and Skinboosters™ to improve the surface texture and hydration of the skin. Every patient is different, and choosing the Restylane range guarantees there will be something for everyone.’

Looking forward

Whilst there are a number of new and evolving aesthetics brands on the market, it is clear that Restylane™ continues to lead the fray when it comes to providing safe, effective, and versatile solutions to a diverse demographic of patients seeking non-surgical treatments for a broad range of cosmetic concerns. As science and technology applications within the industry continue to advance, the faculty at Acquisition Aesthetics anticipate the release of subsequent exciting and clinically robust product solutions from Galderma!