Starter Kit for Launching Your Own Aesthetics Business

Looking to launch a new aesthetics venture in 2023? Whether you’re newly qualified, searching for a training course or making the leap from healthcare to aesthetics, it’s important to learn how to thrive in the industry, launching a successful aesthetics clinic built on quality and expertise.

With the rise of minimally invasive to non-invasive aesthetics procedures, the medical aesthetic devices market is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 11.1% globally from 2022 to 2030 – creating a huge international demand for qualified aesthetics practitioners and specialist clinics. 


Qualify and Achieve 

Qualifications, education and accreditations help you acquire the knowledge and experience you need to excel in the industry. Professional training is arguably the most crucial step in launching your own aesthetics business, paving the way towards a successful career. 

Proof of knowledge signifies to clients and potential customers that you are experienced, skilled and trustworthy within your field, nurturing a positive reputation within your area – and beyond! 

With training courses in abundance for both beginners and professionals, individuals looking to flourish in the aesthetics sector have various opportunities to gain experience and sculpt their skillset. 

Specialising in advanced skincare techniques and aesthetic courses, our training academy Skin Suite Aesthetics helps bright, determined individuals across the country acquire new knowledge and become CPD accredited. 


Establish Your Target Audience

With the emergence of new treatments and perfected procedures, the aesthetics market continues to grow year-on-year. When launching a start-up in the industry, take the time to consider and recognise your target audience before making any significant company decisions. 

Is it your aim to make aesthetics more accessible? Or is your goal to target a specific segment of society willing to pay top prices? Now is the time to do your market research, decide your target audience and consider how you want to market yourself. 


Identify Your Supplier

To build a reputable aesthetics business, it’s important to invest in popular, profitable treatments and equipment, while also providing a consistently outstanding service. 

Your clinic is only as successful as its products. That’s why start-ups must protect their clients with a continued investment in high-quality, CE approved products to enhance and uphold impressive standards. 

Here at LPG Clinics Wholesale, we only stock products we know and trust, providing a curated range of CE approved aesthetics products including dermal fillers, skin boosters, PDO threads, fat dissolvers, mesotherapy as well as a range of consumables. 


Provide a Quality Service

When you begin to build your client base, prioritise providing a service that is both positive and trustworthy. Establish a great relationship with your clients to help your new business thrive with returning customers and referrals. 


Get Started with LPG Clinics Wholesale 

If you’re looking to launch your own aesthetics business, check out our curated product range and contact the dedicated team at LPG Clinics Wholesale for more information – please note that we only sell to certified professionals and clinics.

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