The Best Natural Skincare Tips Ever!

Apply a Hydrating and Moisturising Mist

When applying a mist for the purposes of moisturisation and hydration, avoid using just water. When water makes contact with the skin and evaporates from the epidermis, it will inevitably cause dryness. Instead, you can add a variety of ingredients to prevent this from happening and ensure your mist gives you plenty of hydration and moisturisation. Cucumber, lavender, camomile and green tea can be added to a homemade hydrating mist, to help prevent dryness and dehydration.

Extended Exfoliation

Exfoliation aims to remove the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, it is the cornerstone of any treatment for radiant facial skin. Options for exfoliation include chemical and mechanical exfoliation. However, when it comes to exfoliating your skin yourself, it comes with some pitfalls. Many people tend to exuberantly overdo it, by scrubbing too hard. Instead, rather than scrubbing too hard and damaging the skin, it’s best practice to exfoliate for longer. Longer, but lighter, exfoliation helps to remove more dead skin cells without harming your skin.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can wreak havoc on your skin, both on how it looks and how it feels. Excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for dullness, discolouration, sagging, dehydration, blotches, redness and puffiness. It is also responsible for inflaming skin tissue and increasing blood flow to skin cells. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is the key to healthy radiant skin. However, if you can’t resist your favourite tipple we have some words of advice for you. Dark spirits are possibly the most harmful for your skin. On the other hand, lights spirits are processed by the body quickest and less likely to impact on your skin. Red wine is also damaging for your skin, as is white wine because of the high amount of sugars it contains. In short, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol is your best bet.