Foot Care

Top Foot Care Tips: Keep Your Feet in Fine Form

The Basics of Foot Care

Wash – Washing feet regularly with warm soapy water is the most important thing you can regularly do to keep them in fine form. However, soaking them for too long can cause an imbalance in your skin’s natural oils, leading to dryness.

Dry – Drying feet thoroughly, particularly between the toes, will help prevent fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

Moisturise – A generous application of moisturiser, two to three times a week, will help ensure your feet remain hydrated. The best time for this is after they are washed and dried, ideally before bedtime. Wearing cotton socks to bed, after applying moisturiser, will help make sure it penetrates the epidermis.

File – Using a pumice stone or a foot file, target calluses and dry heels. The best time for this to be done is after you have showered. Gently use your pumice stone, while being careful not to damage fresh skin beneath the hardened area.

Shoes and Foot Care

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your feet, your choice of shoes will go a long way to affect that.

Shop for shoes later in the day – As the day progresses, our feet swell. If you buy your shoes later in the day, once they have swollen, this will ensure you get yourself a comfortably fitting pair.

Heels – Not only can heels be damaging to your feet but also to you posture and spine. Limit wearing heels, vary the height of heels you wear. And, if you wear heels to work, it may be an idea to change into them once you arrive at work.

Socks – The quality of the socks that you wear will impact your foot health. For hardworking feet, wool socks are the best option. Wool helps distribute moisture and keep your feet moisture free. If your feet are particularly sensitive, bamboo socks offer an excellent option. Bamboo will help regulate temperature and ensure freshness in hot and cold weather.