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What Is Juvéderm?: A Guide for Aesthetic Nurses

JUVÉDERM® is a leading hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler that provides long-lasting, natural-looking results. In a recent study, aesthetic providers praised JUVÉDERM as the most preferred brand compared to other popular dermal fillers. These results hold true in the USA, with it being the #1 chosen filler in 2022. 

Juvederm Dermal Filler Online at LPG Clinics WholesaleDiscover how the JUVÉDERM collection can benefit your clinic and help restore your patient’s youthfulness with our product breakdown below.  

Where Is Juvéderm Used?


JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® and JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 4® add volume to cheeks, which have started to sag and flatten. As we age, our body generates less collagen and elastin and reduces the size of the fat pads in our faces. For women, menopause accelerates this process as oestrogen levels deplete. This results in less elastic skin, causing the cheeks to sag.

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA and ULTRA 4 will add volume to the deep layers of the skin’s surface, adding lift and contour to the cheeks for up to two years. 


Aesthetic nurses can additionally use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA or JUVEDERM ULTRA 4 in the chin region. This dermal filler is ideal for chin augmentation, helping to transform the profile and add definition for up to one year.


JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 2, ULTRA 3 or ULTRA 4 are injectable fillers that keep the skin hydrated, plump and youthful. ULTRA 2 can treat wrinkles around the lips and eyes for moderate facial lines. In contrast, ULTRA 3 primarily targets deeper facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth.

ULTRA 4 contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to treat the deepest lines and wrinkles around the face. 


Achieving full, natural-looking lips is possible with JUVÉDERM’s diverse collection of lip filler injectables. As an esthetician, choose from either JUVÉDERM® ULTRA SMILE, JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 2 or JUVÉDERM® ULTRA 3

ULTRA SMILE is specifically formulated to enhance lip volume, redefine shape and correct asymmetry. ULTRA 2 adds volume to the lips while treating moderate facial wrinkles and depressions. ULTRA 3 offers similar long-lasting results but can fill deeper wrinkles, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines. 


JUVÉDERM® VOLUX® is the only FDA-approved HA filler for treating moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. When treated, this filler redefines the jawline and effectively improves the shape and structure of your patient’s lower face. 

JUVÉDERM VOLUX offers long-lasting results of up to one to two years and is ideal for patients over 21. 

Under Eyes

Late nights, ageing, and loss of core bodily proteins lead to hollow, dark areas under the eyes, which many patients are eager to resolve. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is your answer. This injectable filler adds volume under the eyes to eliminate hollowing, darkness and sunkenness. 

At LPG Clinics Wholesale, we offer JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA with lidocaine (local anaesthetic agent) to ensure a more comfortable treatment. This dermal filler will last up to 12 months with minimal downtime.  

How Long Do the Results Usually Last? 

JUVÉDERM is not a permanent filler. Results will last one to two years, depending on the patient’s treatment area. This will begin immediately after injection, allowing your patient to benefit from smoother, voluminous skin for longer. 

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