Healthy Skin Habits


Your choice of cleanser should be determined by your skin type. For oily skin affected by acne, choose something that contains salicylic acid. For dry and more mature skin, use something with glycol or a milky cleanser.

Liquid Consumption

Coffee and alcohol are the two most common drinks that will affect and damage your skin health. Also, consider taking chlorophyll shots or supplements, which work wonders on skin.


A balanced diet is central to all proper bodily functions and skin is no exception. Top-up on omega 3 fatty acids by adding flax seeds to your morning smoothie or porridge.


Moisturise twice a day, once after showering and once just before going to sleep. Be sure to choose a moisturiser that suits your skin.

Hand to Face Contact

With every instance of contact between your hands on your face, new germs chip away at your epidermis. Thus, increasing the risk of common viral infections and even wrinkles.

Avoiding Too Many Products

Using too many products with too many active ingredients can be heavy on the skin and cause more harm than good. Maintain a simple routine, limited to only a couple of products.


UV light from the sun permeates through clouds. So, for advanced protection, don’t just use sunscreen on sunny days.

Sun Protection

It’s not just sunglasses that protect sensitive facial skin from the sun. Form an even more effective barrier between your skin and the sun by using sunglasses and a hat.


The body needs at least 2.7 litres of water per day. However, hydration does not come just from water. When choosing skincare products, stick to hydrating formulas for cleansing, moisturising, etc., to ensure your skin remains hydrated.

Avoiding Heat Exposure

Exposure to direct sources of heat cause collagen breakdown within the skin. Always maintain a safe distance from heat sources.