Skin Boosters

Upskill Your Clinic with Expert iLLUMA Skin Booster Training

Keeping up to date with trending cosmetic treatments is essential for any successful clinic. One treatment that continues to grow is skin boosters, which held a market value of 1.03 million in 2022. Skin boosters involve injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) and other vitamins and minerals to restore the skin’s firmness.

iLLUMA Skin Booster

While dermal fillers add volume and shape, skin boosters are a natural alternative to rejuvenate dull, tired skin. In this blog, we’ll explore our exclusive courses for the iLLUMA skin booster and how it can benefit you. 

Can Anyone Inject Skin Boosters?

Although skin boosters aren’t invasive, you will require prior knowledge and skills working with beauty treatments that include microblading or needles. Even purchasing skin boosters requires you to be a skilled skincare practitioner, so we advise any clinic interested in this treatment to be trained professionally beforehand. 

Introducing iLLUMA Skin Booster Training

At LPG Clinics Wholesale, we have an exceptional training academy that offers beginner and advanced cosmetic training in botox, microneedling, fat dissolving and more. Recently, we have expanded our courses to train clinics exclusively in the iLLUMA skin booster range

Our specialist team are offering online training in the following boosters:

iLLUMA PN Booster

iLLUMA PN Booster rejuvenates ageing skin, preserving its natural barrier and improving elasticity and radiance. This skin booster efficiently moisturises the epidermis and dermis skin layers while using a patented technique of synthetic cross-links to secure the natural HA network. 

The key ingredients include Polynucleotides (PN), Peptides and HA to enhance skin elasticity and radiance and tackle signs of ageing. In the iLLUMA PN course, you’ll receive CPD-accredited training and insight into how it works and will benefit your clients. Book today for only £65.00, and you’ll also receive a free iLLUMA product. 


iLLUMA LUNA is an advanced skin booster designed to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. This booster sets a new standard in the market, offering five times more PN (10mg) than any other product and also contains 5mg of HA. 

Your clients will enjoy the benefits of wrinkle and dark circle reduction, improved skin moisture and reduced pigmentation. Get CPD certified in this advanced skin booster and receive a free iLLUMA LUNA on completion. This training takes place online and costs £35.00. 

The Benefits of Being CPD Certified

Completing CPD-certified skin booster training will elevate your clinic services, drawing a more extensive clientele seeking advanced skincare solutions. This leads to increased profits, a solid competitive position and enhanced market credibility. 

Get Certified in Skin Boosters at LPG Clinics Wholesale  

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your clinic’s success. Book our skin booster training and contact LPG Clinics Wholesale for further details on elevating your services and profitability.