Winter Skincare Tips

As the more ferocious half of winter, literally, takes us by storm, we offer a breakdown of our best winter skincare tips. Dry skin, chapped lips, red noses and a bitter windchill, these are just part of the chaos wrought on our skin during the cold season. Although the key to surviving winter in good shape for the warmer weather is hydration, there’s quite a few other things you need to worry about. In this post, we offer you tips, inspired by a world-leading dermatologist. Hopefully, your skin will remain in tip-top shape, throughout the cold season!


One of the greatest contributors to aging of the skin are the sun’s UV rays. Of course, there’s considerably less sun in the winter. Yet, it is still enough to cause aging of the skin. Keep a high UVA-rating suncream to hand during the winter months.


As we mentioned above, hydration really is the key to maintaining healthy skin throughout winter. Cold piercing winds, central heating and plenty of hot caffeinated drinks will all contribute to limiting hydration levels of the skin. By swapping coffee for green tea, you can dramatically affect the balance, while introducing healthy antioxidants, for even better skin.


Bath oils can help address your skin’s hydration issues. For those suffering with eczema, bath oils will help reduce irritation and dehydration.


Winter can be particularly hard on the feet. And, yes, it’s all linked to hydration. For dry and cracked feet, moisturiser and exfoliation are absolutely vital. However, the long drawn out process may not be viable enough to be kept up. Chemical foot peels are a great alternative. By helping to shed the dead dry skin, they will leave your feet baby soft. It’ll take a few days after application to start working, but the ease and results really make it worthwhile.

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